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The top Indian software development company; Terebrum, provides a wide list of services for the development of different types of clients. We provide services which are high in quality, efficiency, reliability, security and accuracy.

Banking & Financial Applications

We help financial services firms develop business solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and virtualization.

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NSE Connect

Its is a Platform for trading on Stock Exchange. Particularly targeted for Indian market.

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Real Charts

Real Chart is an application to enable brokers to see real-time movement of price indices based on data received from the feed providers.

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Desktop & Web Applications

A paradigm shift has been taking place in the personal computer sharing model: We work on Complex financial desktop and web Applications

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Market Connect

A single gateway to connect with multiple brokers. Companies can use Market Connect to get real-time feeds from multiple providers.

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Stock Trading Applications

our Apps fill the gaps in functionality that exist in current vendor software and internal systems.

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Financial Applications

Payment Gateway application .Terebrum can help you achieve connectivity to Payment Gateway for your business.

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Algorithm Strategies

Got an algorithmic strategy and want to implement it but don’t know how to go about it. We are here to help you..

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Terebrum helps you to build an efficient and interactive web database according to your needs. Our expertise lies in database designing, developing and programming. We help in integrating and conversion process too. After implementation the database management, maintenance, administration and support are also delivered, based on the client’s needs. We provide premium service in developing software and mobile application for various platforms (blackberry, Android, windows, iOS and Symbian).
We ensure that the solution we provide is free of bugs and high in security and reliability through quality testing and software testing. For many clients, the website development and mobile application development are done hand in hand. Other customizations are also possible, based on the unique requirements of the clients.

Under website design and development, we provide excellent services for web page changes, including, creasing new pages, changes in the existing pages, adding or maintain links, error tracking, special updates or complete change of the website design. We also provide portal developments, payment gateways, shopping carts, directory development and others.
Every business needs an effective and unique site to attract online customers. We help you to have a robust, unique and high value site. The promotion of the brand and the services can be enhanced, with the help of our SEO services. We help in both onsite and offsite optimization process. We provide services in link building, article developing and also in link submission. With the help of our SEO services we ensure that the visibility of your website is high and the brand awareness is enhanced. This would in turn increase the profit by creating a larger customer base and a competitive advantage over the competitors.

All our services are included with maintenance and support. Our interaction with the client does not end with just providing the solution. We work with the client through the implementation and the launch of the solution. We also educate the employee about the basic usage of the solution and required troubleshooting information. In case of any error or problems, our experts would be happy to help you and we also provide regular maintenance and updating process, if required.
These services are all flexible and can be customized based on the needs of the customers. We ensure that each of the services provides reliable and effective solution to the client. Our services start with the brainstorming process where the client’s requirements are converted in technical input and the project manager works with the client in providing a blueprint of the solution. With expert human resources and enhanced technology, we promise to deliver a high quality product within the stipulated time.