Software Services

Software development

As one of the top software development companies, we focus on the website and mobile based software development services. Terebrum has a premium team of expertise and experienced resources who customizes every process to suit the requirement of the client. We strive hard for delivering the right solutions, to suit the client’s needs, their customer’s demands, budget and the current market trend. Our software development team has a blend of technical expertise, result-oriented management, functional knowledge base and an extensive experience in the related field. We believe that a business can be successful only if the tools and the applications the businesses use are robust, flexible, reliable, secured and unique. We focus on delivering the effective application, as per the client’s requirement and at the right time. Our software development process includes robust planning phase, prototype development with the client, system implementation, software and quality testing. .

Software development expertise

  • planning, design and analysis
  • Software upgrade
  • Server application and mobile applications
  • System programming, e-commerce solution and database management
  • Enterprise business solution

Software development process

The process begins with the client contacting the business team about their requirements. The requirements are converted into technical input and a framework of the application or the software is created. The blue print is then analyzed by the client and the project manager.
In the brainstorming session, the client would provide these requirements and the project manager would assist in providing information based on his experience and the current market trends. By comparing both the information, the required changes are made to the blue print. The software is created in small modules and each module is tested separately and also as one application. The software is then tested for quality, bugs and the security standards are ensured. The software is then implemented and launched in the client’s environment.
The experts would also educate and train the employees about the basic functioning of the software and the basic troubleshooting details. The work of the software development team does not end here. The client can utilize the team for managing, maintaining, updating and also troubleshooting as per their requirement. The developers can also be hired on a part time basis to help with the maintaining process.
The development team can be hired in full time, part time and hourly basis based on the requirement.

  • The software development, implementation and launch process can be done based on a full time basis.
  • The updating and maintaining can be done through part time basis.
  • The troubleshooting can be carried out through the hourly basis.
  • Some also hire developers on an hourly basis for development of the software to keep track of the time and the process.