Market Connect

Are you a Trader with lots of ideas on market strategies or are you a successful businessman looking to get best return on your capital???

“Market Connect” from Terebrum Solutions is a single gateway to connect with multiple brokers. You can use Market Connect to get real-time feeds from multiple providers.
Due to extensible and scalable architecture, Terebrum can integrate additional providers with minimum over-head.
The flag-ship product of Terebrum can also be used to submit orders, update orders, and receive notifications in an automated manner. You can utilize Market Connect’s unique features to your advantages, below are few of those:

  • Ready-made solution
  • Ability to Integrate with your own custom UI or integrate with Market Connect UI.
  • Can be used for hedging, speculation or for defining custom strategies.

Below are some of the feed providers that Market Connect seamlessly connects to:

The system offers multiple plug and play components which provide maximum flexibility and customization.
The system can handle standard FIX message or custom messages based on broker’s setup.
It can run both as a windows service or it can be integrated with your own customized User Interface. You can also go for feature-rich Market Connect UI with Market Connect API running as an engine at the back.

Q: I am a trader. What do I need to do to start using Market Connect?
A: Below are the steps that you need to perform in order to start trading…
Step 1: Open account with the broker. Fulfill on-boarding requirements with the broker firm.
Step 2: Host Market Connect in your environment. Ask Terebrum is you are looking for a
customized solution. Below are some of the options that you have:

  • Option 1: Your own User Interface integrated with Market Connect trading engine.
  • Option 2: Full-fledged trading solution with Market Connect API and Market Connect UI.

Step 3: Certify your implementation with the broker. Ask Terebrum for assistance.
Step 4: Build your own strategies or ask Terebrum for custom strategies.
Step 5: Start trading…
Q: Can I trade any asset class using Market Connect?
A: Yes, you can trade any asset class using Market Connect so long as the broker supports it.
Q: What all order types are supported?
A: Currently Market Connect supports following order types:
  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
Q: What is the high-level architecture of Market Connect?
A: Below diagram should help you understand how Market Connect works.